What makes CollegeExamine.com different from other companies around that offer professional paper writing services?

CollegeExamine.com is not your regular academic writing company considering the company has a long standing reputation of delivering the best essay papers to students around the globe. Our motto is quality and you should not expect anything less from us. With the best team of essay writers nothing can be further from the truth not to mention the most affordable prices in the industry.

Are there any charges for making an order with CollegeExamine.com?

No charges are applied when making an order. You are only charged for services rendered once you are in agreement with the writer handling your paper.

How does CollegeExamine.com work?

You start by completing an order paper specifying the service you need. This attracts bids from our writer who specify their qualifications and charges .You evaluate their work, charges and work and then you select the most qualified whom you enter into an agreement for the assignment.

How can I monitor my order with you?

Once you place an order with us you are allowed to communicate with the writer handling your assignment. The other option is through our dedicated customer care department that is available 24/7 on various channels like live chat, direct calls and even email.

Does CollegeExamine.com use any formatting styles?

Yes. The most common formatting styles available in our writing company are APA, MLA and Chicago just to mention a few.

What ways can I use to send my writing material to the writer?

There are several channels of communication you can use to directly communicate with our writers but in the case of sending writing materials the most preferred is through e-mail.
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Can I communicate with the writer handling my paper?

Yes. You are allowed to communicate with the writer handling your order assignment in the course of the writing process. Our clients are always encouraged to monitor their assignments and also offer necessary insights that can be useful in making the paper a great success.

Can I select a writer for my paper in case I make an order with you?

Absolutely possible, all you need to do is specifically ask for him during the ordering process and he will be available for your order assignment.

Do you have a way of determining the qualifications of your writers and the area they write in?

Our writers are only allowed to write in fields that they specialize in as matter of quality assurance. However, they are highly trained individuals, who only posses Masters and PhD degrees, but irrespective of their qualifications their work undergoes regular scrutiny and evaluation to ensure quality is maintained always.
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Does CollegeExamine have a refund policy in place?

Yes. The refund policy is in place especially in cases where there is breach of contract, but it’s rarely used as this rarely happens considering all our contracts with clients are respected and honored.

When I make an order with CollegeExamine can my confidentiality be maintained?

Your confidentiality is one of our core principles that is why you sign the non disclosure agreement with us which means no one is allowed to access or share your private data in any way.

Do you have a deadline policy?

Yes we do have a deadline policy in place that is strictly adhered to.

Can somebody else tell if am using CollegeExamine.com for my essay assignments?

Every CollegeExamine.com client is protected by the non disclosure agreement he signs during the ordering process. It is also the company’s policy that no client private information can be shared or sold to third parties for whatever reason.

Does CollegeExamine.com have any hidden charges?

CollegeExamine.com has no hidden charges. All charges are communicated to the client during the ordering process and he always participates in the calculation of final costs.

Are your services free of plagiarism?

Yes this is an absolute guarantee. It is our company policy that no paper from the company is released to the client without first being subjected to mandatory plagiarism checks and other forms of quality checks. Therefore, you can be sure all our papers are 100% plagiarism free.