No matter how much I love writing essays on all kinds of subjects, sometimes I experience writer’s block. For example, last week, I spent all the time in my village. When I came back to do my work, I was out of any writing mood. Writer’s block was at its best. I could not explain such a thing to my professors, so I had to find a way to have the content written.

Luckily, Google is my best friend. I googled to find a company that would help me with writing services. In my search, I saw several writing companies, but I decided to make a review of

Contradicting Information

According to the information that I saw on their website, the company started operating in 2013. But something caught my attention. Another page stated they commenced operations in 2011. Well, I thought, “This must be a typo.” I had no issue with that. Their page also stated that they never charge for the title and bibliography. Could that also mean has offers for new clients? Let’s see!

Services Offered

I had to contact them to find out more. The agent at Term Paper Easy responded very fast and allowed me to ask any question that I could be having. So, I asked him about their services and the charges and here is what he told me.

Term Paper Easy offers full services to English speaking customers. Their services include academic and business writing, content editing and proofreading, coursework assignment writing, personal essay statement, and high school academic writing.

Also, the agent told me that they offer admission essays to graduate and undergraduate levels. Well, I was not looking for all that. So, I explained that I wanted editing and proofreading services for 8-page content.

Discounts on Request

The agent told me that I would receive the services at a price of $227.20. Well, considering my budget, I found that their prices are quite high. I asked the agent if they had a promo code or coupon codes, but he explained they didn’t.

Well, I decided not to pay that money, but the agent said that I would receive an offer. However, he made it clear that discounts apply on request and in my case, I qualified for a 5% discount. He also told me that I would have my content after 7 days. That was a lot of time considering that it was only about editing and proofreading the content.

When I was thinking of calling another company, the agent told me that writers at were from the U.S. and U.K. I must say that they convinced me with this!

I paid for the services and waited for the seven days to pass. True to their word, on the morning of the seventh day, my content was in my email box.

Poor Quality

I was very happy until I started going through the content. Grammatical errors were all over and the poor sentence construction messed the whole content. I mean, how could someone deliver such poor quality after charging very high prices?

I needed someone to explain all that but there was nobody to receive my call. That is the first time I remembered something called “customer reviews.” I had not even thought about testimonials right from the word go. As I write this review, I have not received any feedback from the agent. So, as a result, I’m giving them a “poor” rating to warn other potential clients about

TermPaperEasy review