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“Essay” is rather an umbrella term for a number of types of academic writing. There are, of course, the most familiar essay types that students begin to encounter in early high school.

  1. Expository: These essays are written as explanations. A student might, for example, explain the role of lobbyists in Washington, D.C.; another expository essay might an explanation of the Federal Reserve System; still other essays of this type might explain nuclear fusion, a specific genetic disorder, etc.
  2. Definition: Definition essays attempt to define something complex or abstract. Students might, for example, be asked to define justice, heroism, democratic socialism, culture, etc. They involve extracting all aspects of a term, a philosophy, a theory, an emotion, and so forth, defining them separately and then attempting to put them back together to form a full definition.
  3. Descriptive: As the term implies, the students is asked to describe something – a person, a place, an event, an experience. These essays are effective when they contain figurative language and appeals to the senses of the readers.
  4. Narrative: These essays are written to tell a story, perhaps a personal experience, such as a trip as a child to Disneyland in California or an extremely embarrassing experience. Narratives may also be fictional, such as short stories written for an English comp class.
  5. Comparison/Contrast: From simple to complex topics, students are asked to present similarities and/or differences between two things – microeconomics and macroeconomics; schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder; capitalism and socialism; blues and jazz, etc.
  6. Persuasive/Argumentative: Controversial issues require the writer to take a stand, to present arguments with supportive evidence, and to attempt to convince the reader or to refute the opposing viewpoint.
  7. Classification: Many things are classified according to certain criteria. Students are asked to develop their own criteria for classifying any number of things – people within a given community, music styles, types of mental illness, types of leaders, as just a few examples.
  8. Admissions/Scholarship: Written in response to specific prompts, students must craft creative presentations of themselves in order to convince decision-makers that they are the best candidates.
  9. Reflective: Such essays are usually written to provide a thoughtful analysis of an experience, perhaps a viewing of contemporary art, a musical performance, a field experience or an internship in their major field of study. These are personal and subjective writings.
  10. Reaction/Analytical: These are scholarly pieces that require a student to analyze, or take apart something read, heard or viewed. A student may be asked, for example, to analyze a particular economic policy presented by a well-known economist and speak to its validity.

Essay writing, then, can be as simple as relating an incident or as complex as conducting research to present an argument or engaging in higher level critical thinking to evaluate something. If you are struggling with any of these types of writing, by all means, contact CollegeExamine.com for essay writing help. We will assign a degreed and qualified writer to your project, and it will meet all of your highest expectations for originality and customization. You will receive a unique piece of writing, created only for you, and, once delivered, belonging only to you!


Generally, papers are longer than essays, the topics are generally more complex, and they will require a thesis/research question and a good deal of research from resources appropriate for the student’s academic level of study.

  1. Term/Research Papers: These are essentially the same types of papers, the difference being that a term paper may be assigned towards the end of the semester (or term), and a research paper may be assigned at any time during the semester. College students can expect at least one of these assignments in almost every course they take. They must choose a topic, do some initial research, come up with a thesis or a research question and then conduct in-depth research, organize it into sub-topics, and present it all in a scholarly manner, citing all resources accurately. If, for example, a student were taking a course on the Civil War, and s/he decided to write a research paper on the causes of the war, a thesis might be that, although there were innumerable differences between the North and the South, and although slavery was the most predominant difference, the critical cause of this war, and the issue that was resolved by this war, was the relationship between states’ rights and federal power.
  2. Case Studies: While not classified as research papers per se, case studies require a great deal of research and they are quite lengthy. Student determine an issue, conduct research and propose solutions. A student might decide to conduct a case study on the impact of the drought in California on a specific town.
  3. Lab Reports: Many lab reports, particularly at the graduate level are quite similar to research papers. A research question is posed, background research is conducted and reported, experimentation takes place and the data is collected and analyzed.
  4. Theses and Dissertations: These major works are required for a Master’s and/or Doctorate degree, and are of course, classified as research works because they involve not only a review of all of the literature on the chosen research question but original research as well, which must then be analyzed for significance.

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