Will You Write My Essay? Of Course We Will, and Much More Too!

At CollegeExamine.com, of course we write essays and papers for students from all over. Lots of people are in this business, and if a student Googles “write essay for me,” there will be thousands of writing services to be found. But which one to choose? Certainly, we hope you choose us, and we have a number of things that we believe make us better than all of the rest.

Customized Writing

Here is what we do NOT do:

  1. We do not have a database of essays, papers, and other academic writings that we re-cycle for new customers. Many other companies do just that. They will pull a previously sold paper, re-write it a bit, and sell it again, claiming that it is original custom writing.
  2. We do not use amateur writers. Again, many other writing services will employ anyone, and the resulting written works are poorly done, contain grammatical errors, and the customers will have to re-write them before submitting them, if that is even possible.
  3. We do not ignore our customers when they have questions or concerns, as most others do.

Here is What We Do

  1. If a student comes to us and says, “Write my essay for me,” we agree to do so, but only if that student supplies all of the details, not just the topic. What type of essays is it to be? How long is it to be? Is research required? What academic level is the student? Is there a required format? When is it due? We cannot provide custom writing unless we have every bit of information. We have no database of previously written works; we ensure that each order for writing is begun from scratch and that it is original and according to the customer’s instructions.
  2. We hire only professional writers – people with degrees in their writing areas and lots of experience producing the type of writing that we assign to them. No one writes any piece for which s/he is not completely qualified.
  3. We maintain contact with our customers at all times, and they can reach us 24/7 by telephone, by email, by fax, and/or live chat. And we have our customers’ emails and phone numbers too. We email them when their order has been assigned to a writer; we email them when their order is ready; we call or text them when we have an urgent question about their orders. We set up a communication system between customers and writers so that there are no mis-understandings about how the piece of writing is being produced.
  4. We review all writing to make certain that it is original, that the research is suitable and cited properly, and that customer requirements have been followed. Nothing leaves our company unless we can guarantee its superiority.

Our Policies

While most other writing services exist simply to write essays for money (although that may be stretching it a bit is many cases), we are focused on building a business that has long-term clients – people who have come to trust that we always provide them with top quality and perfect customer service. We want our clients to achieve success, no matter what kind of writing we give them, and to do that we have to be legitimate and reliable. We are based in California and are incorporated in that state. As such we follow all of the laws of that jurisdiction and have an actual address, unlike most other Internet-based writing companies. We also have very specific policies that govern our operation and that clearly spell out the rights and responsibilities of both the company and its customers. We proudly publish our policies on our site, because we believe in transparency. Here are brief summaries of the most important one.

  1. Plagiarism: We do not tolerate plagiarism nor will we ever send out a piece of writing that contains even a sentence that is not original
  2. Privacy: We will never reveal a client’s name to anyone else and only a few people in our company have access to any customer’s full name. Purchasing procedures are the same as with any large online retailer and are fully SSL secured.
  3. Revisions: Customers who are not fully satisfied with what is delivered have the right to ask for revisions, and it is our responsibility to honor those requests.
  4. Terms and Condition: We have a published terms of use policy which we urge all of our customers to review. It provides all of the details of the relationship between customer and company.

What We Write

You can come to us and say, “Write me an essay” on any topic and for any level of study. Or you can come to us and ask for any of the following:

  • Term and research papers
  • Presentations, book reviews, reaction papers
  • Case studies and lab reports
  • Research projects, abstracts, proposals
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Admissions essays and personal statements
  • Grants and proposals
  • Business plans, reports,  manuals, guides, white papers
  • Resumes and CV’s
  • Web design and content
  • Content marketing, social media profiles, blog posts, and articles
  • Ghostwriting for any type of authoring

You don’t have to live in California – we serve clients from all over the world. You will never find better writers or more helpful and responsive customer service. We are committed to your success.