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As a paper writing service, it is our job to provide originally written college papers to students at colleges and universities in the state of California and all over the world. If you are familiar with online paper writing services, you know that they sell essays, research papers, term papers, admissions essays, and more, to students who need help. What you may not know is that such services are quite different, and not all of them are honest and reliable. Many deliver poor quality or plagiarized pieces to naïve students and move on to the next “sucker.” At CollegeExamine.com, however, we have policies, and procedures that ensure students get top quality and original, custom-writing each and every time they place orders for papers and other types of writing. The following paragraphs should provide the information you need to assuage any concerns you might have about our paper writing services.

Step 1: Deciding to use our services

Students decide to use our paper writing services for a variety of reasons. Some common reasons are as follows:

  • They do not feel as if they are academically ready to complete the paper successfully.
  • Completing the paper will mean that they will miss another class or leave another assignment incomplete.
  • The student must receive an excellent grade in order to pass a class.
  • The student must work or spend time with friends and family, and they will not have time to work on the writing assignment.
  • The student has decided that there are other things they should be doing instead of writing the paper.

Once a student has decided that s/he needs help with writing a paper, the first step it to find a good one.  Most often, they ask their friends for recommendations, and they look on the internet. Since our customers are eager to refer their friends to us, and because we have such high internet ratings, many students end up coming to CollegeExamine.com, for help with their papers.

Step 2: Placing an Order with our College Paper Writing Service

We have worked very hard to create a website that is easy for our clients to use. Part of this website design includes an order page that is easy to understand. If you need help with writing a paper, the first step you need to take is to visit our website and fill out the order form. You should be able to place your order within a few moments. Any questions or concerns that you have can be addressed in a live chat session with or a phone call to one of our customer service representatives. Once you place an order with us, the next steps are in our hands. All you need to do is relax and let us do all of the hard work. However, if you need to give more information to your writer or just want to check on progress, you can reach your assigned writer by logging into your customer account.

Step 3: Writer Assignment

For us, this is the most important step in the process that we use every time we write a paper for you. Most other writing services simply pass your paper writing assignment on to any available writer. That isn’t how things work here. We carefully select a writer who has an academic background and significant professional experience in a field that is related to your paper. Before we allow a writer to work on your paper, we also make sure that they have the time available to dedicate to your paper, and that they will be able to maintain contact with you while working on your paper. Please remember that every writer we have has the appropriate degree/degree level and has been trained to write your paper exactly as you dictate it to us.

Step 4: Quality Control

Our quality control processes are one of main reasons that we have always had such a high rate of customer satisfaction, first in California and now all over the world. Our quality control team is full of diligent and detail oriented individuals. They read each paper from beginning to end to make sure that it is written at an appropriate grade level, that it is free from any kind of error, and that it is completely original. If the paper you have ordered does not pass any of these tests with flying colors, it is returned to your writer. It is only when your paper has been perfected that it moves past the quality control step.

Step 5: Your Review

In step 5, you will be asked to review the completed paper. If you are not happy in any way, we urge you to please return the paper to us. We will revise your paper for free, and we do not want you to close out any transaction with us unless you are completely satisfied. If you do require revisions, when you review your paper, you can simply indicate that you want changes made. You will be able to provide specifics about the changes you want at that time. If you are satisfied, all you need to do is click the button indicating that you accept the paper as it is written. Once you click this button, your paper becomes available to you as a download. If you have technical issues, such as your browser or firewall blocking file downloads, do not worry. One of our team members will simply send it to you as an email attachment. Once received, your paper belongs only to you – it is never re-written and/or resold to anyone else.

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Don’t waste another day or night looking at a blank screen when you know it should be filled with your writing paper content. Send an order to CollegeExamine.com and get that screen filled with a perfectly researched and written paper, prepared by an academic writing expert, and ready for submission. We love our base in California. More than that, however, we love that we now serve students everywhere!